Winning Families Therapeutic

About Us

We understand the lack and importance of wrap-around and culturally relevant Mental/Developmental and Neurological Health services for our clients, especially racialized clients in navigating the overwhelming waitlisted Mental Health system. Hence, the fruition of Winning Families Therapeutic Centre is to provide prompt services and serve our diverse communities in achieving optimal wellness to maximize their full potential.

Who We Are

Winning Families Therapeutic Centre is a Client-centred practice with a multi-disciplinary team of diverse, highly trained, compassionate professionals from various disciplines, poised to make long-lasting impacts by offering the highest quality Client/Family Centered and Multi-cultural therapeutic approaches with proven effective interventions; including offering care support services to assist our clients in navigating and receiving optimal services.

Our Vision

We are poised to Inspire and Empower every child, youth, individual, couple, and family to become part of a Winning and Thriving Community regardless of their mental health/developmental concerns.

Our Mission

Winning Families Therapeutic Centre will address the systemic waitlist and lack of culturally relevant therapeutic services by providing “Wrap-around and culturally relevant Client/Family centred therapeutic services to diverse clients to maximize their full potential